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Unmatched heritage, an extensive support network and a comprehensive feature set means there is no online entry platform quite like realbuzz registrations.

realbuzz registrations is so much more than just an online registration platform. Find out what sets us apart from the rest:

Self service setup


You don’t need any technical knowledge to set up and manage an event on realbuzz registrations. We’ve designed the platform to be completely self service and accessible to anyone. Events are created using an intuitive, step-by-step creation system that walks you through the process.

Get started for free

Set up a free account today and start creating your next event instantly, free of charge. All realbuzz registrations pricing is charged based on number of entries, so you won’t pay anything until your event starts making money. There are no hidden cost or pay walls in the system – as soon as you set up your account, you’ll have access to every feature that realbuzz registrations has to offer.

All the support you need


realbuzz registrations is a hugely powerful system with almost infinite event configuration possibilities. Our extensive support documentation and video walkthroughs will give you detailed explanations of every area of the system, with relevant examples of multiple event setups. If you have any other questions, our dedicated help desk will be able to offer further guidance.

Create repeat entrants

As an Event Organiser, you know that every single entrant is an ambassador for your event. realbuzz registrations will delight your entrants with a flawless online entry experience and post-entry support. Through the realbuzz registrations Members Hub your entrants will be able to check their entry information at the touch of a button and view all event communications. Plus when someone has entered one of your events, when they enter your other events through realbuzz registrations their details will be pre-filled, streamlining the entry process and ensuring they keep entering year on year.

Turn your entrants into event ambassadors with realbuzz registrations.
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Cross-device support


Every single area of realbuzz registrations is optimised for use on mobile devices - whether it be your internal event management dashboard or your online entry forms. This allows you to manage your events on the move, and means that people can easily enter your event no matter what device they are using.

Get paid your way

realbuzz registrations supports all of the major payment gateways, including PayPal, Braintree and Stripe. If you already have an account set up with one of these services you can integrate it with your realbuzz registrations online entry, ensuring all of your payments are centralised. Alternatively, you can use the realbuzz registrations payment gateway, which provides a safe and secure way to process your event revenue.

Your event branding


Too many online registration platforms plaster their branding over every single event they host. This is your event, not ours. Take full design control over every area of your entry forms with a range of customisation features so that your branding is consistent throughout.

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