How to use social media to build FOMO for your event

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is the holy grail for event organisers. It’s that near-mythical sweet spot whereby people are so afraid of NOT being at your event that they practically can’t stop themselves from entering.

We’re here to tell you that FOMO doesn’t have to be reserved for the Glastonburys of this world. And best of all, you can do it all through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here’s four ways you can utilise the power of social media to build FOMO for your event.

Promote flash discounts surrounding trending topics

Want to know the one thing more powerful than the fear of missing out on an event? The fear of missing out an event at a discounted entry fee.

No matter how small the saving, human nature makes it almost impossible to ignore a bargain. You can leverage this to create FOMO by setting up timed discounts for your event and promoting them through social media.

Generate added visibility for your flash sale by harnessing the power of a relevant trending hashtag. For example on Global Running Day (the first Wednesday in June in case you were wondering) you could run a 24-hour sale and post about it using the #GlobalRunningDay hashtag.

Use an official event hashtag to generate word of mouth

People tend to value word-of-mouth more than they would any paid advertising you do. So not only is this method going to save you money, it's actually going to be more effective.

But there’s a catch. Word of mouth is practically as hard to generate as it is effective.

Thanks to the power of social media, you can boost the buzz around your race by creating an official hashtag for the event. It should be short, instantly recognisable, and include the event year for specificity.

Once you’ve decided on your hashtag, use it as much as possible in your own social media activity. Make sure your runners are aware of it, and encourage them to get involved as soon as they’ve entered. When runners do use it, make sure you interact with them on social wherever possible.

Showcase your event with Facebook live

Live streaming video is more popular than ever before, and as usual Facebook are leading the way. Facebook Live is taking off in a big way and according to the statistics, users are responding.

For example, Facebook live videos have a 300% increase in watching time than the average non-live video. That increased watch time leads to 10x the amount of comments on live videos. That’s the kind of user engagement you can’t ignore. This builds FOMO by dramatically increasing your organic reach and showcasing your event.

Going ‘live’ on Facebook can be done with practically any smartphone, so this tactic has an amazingly low barrier to entry.

Be sure to showcase the most iconic aspects of your event for the most FOMO generation. A packed start line full of excited runners looks great on a live stream, as does the finish area.

Of course, this is more of an investment in FOMO for the future, as you’ll mostly be encouraging people to enter next year. But if you’re willing to play the long game, this strategy will pay off big time.

Plan teaser campaigns

Think about what happens when your favourite show ends an episode with a cliffhanger. You can’t stop thinking about it - you’ve instantly got a mental date in your diary to watch the next episode, and you probably jump straight onto Twitter to see what other people around the world thought about it.

With some clever social media marketing you can do the same for your event and create FOMO along the way.

Teaser campaigns are a fantastic way of keeping your audience engaged and encouraging more people to enter your event. For example, if you’ve got an elaborate finisher’s medal that would put Mr. T to shame, don’t reveal it straight away. Create a silhouette of the medal and post it on social, telling people when you’ll show them the full picture.

Or, if you’ve got a celebrity attending the event, post some cryptic clues on social media and watch your fans go wild trying to guess who it is. The key is to get people talking and give them a reason to keep checking back.


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