9 ways to build entrant loyalty

The foundation of any successful event is a loyal base of entrants who keep coming back year on year. Think of them as your core fanbase. Not only are they a good batch of guaranteed entries every year, they’re also your number one marketing tool. Word of mouth goes a long way in the world of events, so it’s vital to make sure your entrants feel valued.

Follow these 9 surefire loyalty-building tips and you’ll soon develop a following that loves your event even more than you do.

Give a little

‘Nothing in life comes free’ is a mantra that rings true in the events industry. You have to give to get, but when you weigh up the cost of keeping existing customers and attracting new ones it becomes a no-brainer. We can almost guarantee the cost of a discounted entry or free gift for your previous runners will be much cheaper than finding new ones.

Keep them informed

Keeping your entrants up to date on your event’s latest goings on is key when trying to gain their loyalty. Dedicate some time (at least once a week) to communicating with your customers. There’s so many ways to do this that you have no excuse not to. Whether it’s through email updates, regular social media posts or a blog on your website, whichever way you choose to keep your attendees informed you’ll be sure to see the benefits.

Excel at customer service

In today’s market you really do need to go the extra mile with customer service, because you can bet your competitors are. From time to time entrants will get in touch with questions, queries or concerns. Make it your mission to respond as soon as reasonably possible, and help them in any way you can. Chances are you’ll make them feel special and have a loyal entrant for life.

Get personal

People love to be treated as individuals, not just one of many. To build entrant loyalty, you need to get personal. Greet them by name, pull in their event history, or give them a small token of appreciation on their birthday.

Knowledge is power

As an event organiser, you eat sleep and breathe your event. You know every aspect like the back of your hand, from pricing to race day logistics. But it’s easy to forget not everyone on your team will have this same level of knowledge. The last thing you want to happen is have one of your staff looking like a deer caught in the headlights when they are asked a simple question by an entrant. Invest in staff training with extensive documentation and training sessions to ensure this never happens.

Aim for perfection

Perfection is a rare thing, but there’s nothing stopping you from aiming for it. That means obsessing over the smallest of details and going above and beyond wherever possible. If you provide a high quality event your entrants will trust you again in the future. Trust is key to loyalty - without it you won’t last five minutes.

Be unforgettable

Entrants should remember your event long after race day for all the right reasons. As well as holding a high quality event, you can do this by staying active with your post-race marketing. A great way of doing this is by creating photo albums on social media with your race photos and encouraging entrants to tag themselves and their friends. You could even run a competition for the best race day photo, voted for by your runners.

Stay professional

Even if you’re organising the most light hearted fancy dress fun run, professionalism still needs to be at the forefront of everything you do. This should be obvious at every level of your event, from senior event managers to race day volunteers. Always exhibit positive and friendly body language when entrants approach you, and communicate politely and professionally.

Ensure online security

It seems like it’s impossible to read the news nowadays without hearing about another cyber attack or data leak. Entrants are more aware than ever about the dangers of sharing sensitive personal information and banking details, so it’s important to use a secure online entry platform like realbuzz registrations. Few things will remove entrant loyalty quicker than an unsecure connection.


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